By now, most everyone in our area is aware of the Crawfordville Highway – US 319 Widening and 4 Lane Construction Project, most commonly referred to by locals as the “Four Laneing Project”. It’s been talked about for the better part of the last two decades. Everyone has known it was coming and now the time is finally upon us. But for all the talk and all the publicity surrounding the project, most people aren’t sure where the road is actually making some big changes. Maps of the project are hard to find online and people familiar with the project are difficult to contact. Everyone has questions – How will you, your home, and business be affected by the Crawfordville Highway Road Improvement Project? Will the road be moving closer to your home or business? If so, how much? Will it improve traffic? Where will the new stop lights be? Which businesses and homes are going to be taken? Where can you find out? The answers to some of those questions can be found in the following download.

Focus Area Conceptual Plans – State Road (S.R.) 61 (U.S. 319) Crawfordville Highway Project


These are all good questions and everyone will be affected, either directly or indirectly, so it is important to know where the most drastic changes are happening. The maps provided here should serve to help make that process easier. There is a link to designs and specifications for the entire road project, from Capital Circle all the way to Hwy 98 page by page. It’s informative, detailed, and shows all areas affected. It will show where the road, easements, lights, and lanes all exist now, and where they are going to be expanding or relocating to.

For those looking for Crawfordville Specific information, there is a second download of a click to zoom map of the town corridor only (below), which is just as detailed but concentrated on just the downtown Crawfordville area. Hopefully the information will prove to be useful to you, as well help us all to start preparing for the changes that are coming to our area. If you find that you are going to be affected in a negative way and want to have help navigating negotiations with the Department of Transportation, you can contact your local Real Estate brokers. We can assist you with offer negotiation, real estate valuation, relocation, and planning. When needed, we can put you in contact with a team of attorney’s familiar with the project that specialize in condemnations and takings, and work to make sure your protected and treated fairly.

Crawfordville Highway - US 319 Widening and 4 Lane Construction Project MapDOWNLOAD THE CLICK TO ZOOM MAP HERE


Disclaimer, this information was provided by DOT and is not guaranteed by Waypoint properties. Anyone making decisions based off this information should confirm with Florida Department of Transportation first.