Top Rated School System

One of the biggest draws to our area for families are the School Systems. Wakulla County is a perennial “A” rated school system with nearly every individual school in the county earning that prestigious ranking. This area is a hotspot for new families looking to live in safe rural town with values and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere it provides. What makes this area truly unique is the while we still boast that small-town way of life, we’re only a short drive to Florida’s Capital city and also Florida State University, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee Community College, and Flagler College. These centers for higher education give our high school students tremendous opportunities to dual enroll and take specialty training programs while still in high school, as well as a direct path to secondary education at the college level with so many programs close to home. The local economy being based around the state government and universities also means there are a lot of job opportunities for youth entering the work force out of high school and college right here at home.